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I have worked in the fancy dress industry for a while now and part of my job is to come up with unique and I suppose creative Halloween costumes. As with most things, I thing that having a totally unique idea only happens a very few times in your life and so the best way is to take your inspiration from other peoples ideas. A few techniques that I have come up with, are below:

1) Browse websites that either write about or sell fancy dress costumes.
Sounds pretty basic, and I suppose that it is! And I guess that is why you are reading my post! So what sites help me: Jokers’ Masquerade Fancy Dress are excellent inspiration, they have literally thousands of fancy dress costumes on line, where you can browse categories of major themes like Superhero costumes, 70’s costumes, Pirate costumes etc. I would also recommend a great blog called fancy dress ideas, similar to this blog and has been around a while.

2) Fancy Dress Images on the Web
For me another great source of inspiration are images of fancy dress costumes that I find on the web. A website called Flickr (http://flickr.com/) is a great place to start and had a huge library of photos added by users, just search for fancy dress in their search box and you will be provided with a bunch of ideas for your Halloween costume.

Google’s image search (http://images.google.co.uk), is also another great location to search for your fancy dress ideas. Just like searching for websites, you can be quite specific for what you are looking for. Try things like: Kids Halloween Costumes, Infants Halloween Costumes, scary Halloween Costumes, Funny Halloween Costumes, Witch Halloween costume or Couple Halloween Costumes!

Then for a more “out of the box” way of coming up with that once in a life time truly Unique Creative Halloween Costume, you just need to keep your mind open to everything around you. TV characters or the latest movie themes are always good, but there are many places you can draw inspiration from: children’s books (Alice in Wonderland Costumes), Supermarket products (Marmite costume!), litterally there are ideas all around you and that is what makes fancy dress so fum!


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