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Many people ask me about making their own Halloween costumes and where they can find Halloween costume patterns. I think if you want to make Halloween costume, a good way to start it to take a look at what others have done before you. So in this post I have decided to make it a picture gallery of the best homemade Halloween costumes that I could find.

omemade creative Halloween costumes
Just because you are making your own costume, does not mean that they don’t have to be creative. In fact I believe that some of the most creative Halloween costumes are those that are homemade.

Home-made Boys Halloween costumes
This Homemade Barbarian Boys Halloween Costume is awsome, but I think that only advanced makers of costumes should give it a try!

Homemade Women Halloween costumes
This picture shows just what is possible if you really put some effort into making your own Halloween costume.

Homemade Halloween Witch costume
Scary witch costumes and Halloween go together like Tom and Jerry, and what I think is great about them is that a wich costume is pretty simple to make. In the example below, all you really need to do is make the pointed hat out of some cardboard painted black, some face paint and then some old clothing. The witches broomstick is also pretty simple to make.

Homemade Superhero Costumes
Ok, I know that these are not scary Halloween costumes, but it is becoming more and more pupular not to wear scary costumes for Halloween and Superheros are really big at the moment, I think that these ones pictured below are particularly brilliant!

Least effort as Possible Halloween Costume
Ok lets say you have left it to the lastminute and you just dont have time to make your own costume or go out and buy one what you going to do? Well here is my winner for most creative Halloween costume with least amount of effert winner:

Happy Halloween!


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Wonder WomanOn todays issue of Fancy Dress Ideas UK we will be focusing on the fairer sex and what better role model than wonder Woman!

This costume is perfect in many ways, as it is so versatile. Wear it to a Superhero fancy dress party or even a 70’s or retro party (Wonder Woman became a huge icon firstly in the 70’s in the US, but later also became very popular here in the UK.

This sexy outfit probably sums up the term “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Not only will you look stunning in this fancy dress costume but it will also make you look smart! Wonder Woman was all things, both beautiful, strong and smart!

Where to get it you ask? I found this and a whole bunch of other Super Hero Fancy Dress Ideas on Jokers’ Masquerade Super Hero Fancy Dress. Follow the link to my other blog for more fancy dress ideas.

So if you harbor any fantasies of becoming a Superhero for the night this has got to be top of the list for your Fancy Dress Ideas.

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